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STOCK-LOAN.LOAN specializes in non-recourse stock loan brokerage. Through our firm, you may obtain a securities loan without transferring the title or ownership of your security. With a minimum loan amount of $500K and no maximum, you can get the cash you need now! We represent world’s largest stock loan lenders and will obtain multiple quotes for your stock loan.

We have worked hard to gain your trust. Hundreds of individuals have looked to us to guide them through the process of borrowing against their publicly traded securities.

The days of transferring the ownership and title of most quality securities are over, our efficient process of financing your loan without a sale of fund or transfer of title can be completed in as little as 10 days. The only collateral required is your stock.*

When you obtain a loan through STOCK-LOAN.LOAN, you will be able to quickly raise capital to expand your business, diversify your portfolio, purchase your dream home or pay for college, the options are endless. You do not need to worry about risking your financial security or that of your family. Your personal liability is eliminated and your credit worthiness will stay intact event if a default were to occur. A non-recourse stock loan will not have any effect on you personally or on your finances.

With stability in foreign stock markets always in question, it is necessary to protect yourself against the inevitable market downturn, which unfortunately happens often. If the share price were to bottom out, you can walk away from the loan, it’s that simple. You do not owe anything further. When you borrow against your securities, your liabilities are limited while you still retain the opportunity to profit from your stock if the market turns in your favor. If the share price increases dramatically, you can always pay off the principal and release the stock, the choice is yours.

If you anticipate your stock to increase in value over time, why not borrow against it today without selling the stock. This way you can take advantage of utilizing the stocks increase in value without selling it. Many stocks appreciate in value more than 10% yearly, but your loan costs are less. Thus it makes perfect sense to borrow against your stock.

If you own shares of a publicly traded security and are considering a stock loan, consider our customized financial products. Not only are our terms and rates competitive, we have the experience you can trust. Find out why many securities borrowers turn to STOCK-LOAN.LOAN

      •       Stock Loans up to $100 million
      •       Interest rates from 4% to 6% depending on stock and exchange
      •       No pre-payment penalty
      •       No credit checks or employment checks
      •       Loan To Value up to 70% of stock trading price
      •       Most world stock exchanges are eligible
      •       Minimum loan is $100,000
      •       Simple interest is paid quarterly
      •       Loans up-to 5 years
      •       Only electronic and unrestricted stocks are eligible

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No Title Transfer Securities Loan

All Stock Foreign Exchanges

Non Recourse

No Upfront Fees

No No Income Required

No Employment Required

Up to 70% LTV

USD 100,000 Minimum

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Year Terms

Prepay Available

Low Fixed Interest Paid Quarterly