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30 Largest Stock Exchanges In The World

When many people think about the stock market, they picture the New York Stock Exchange.

But there are many other prominent stock exchanges in the world. Below is a list of the 30 largest stock
exchanges and a brief description of each;
  1. The New York Stock Exchange: There is a reason people picture this one first, and it's simply the fact that while it may not be the oldest or have the largest number of registered companies, with a market cap of $19 trillion, the NYSE is on top;
  2.  NASDAQ: Often confused with the NYSE by novices, the NASDAQ is less than half the size of its bigger brother, with a $6 trillion market cap;
  3. The London Stock Exchange: Just slightly smaller than the NASDAQ, the London exchange is closer to the NYSE in age at 215 years old;
  4. Tokyo Stock Exchange: Here we see all the stats begin to drop off as market cap, age, and number of registered companies are consistently smaller than those above it;
  5. Shanghai Stock Exchange: China boasts two major exchanges, with the slightly larger Shanghai exchange being only 26 years old;
  6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Established under British rule, the 125 year old Hong Kong exchange is still not as large as its mainland counterpart.
  7. Euronext: Almost equaling the Hong Kong exchange in size with a market cap of $3.32 trillion, the Euronext is only 16 years old;
  8. The Toronto Stock Exchange: Another example of older not being better, the TSE is one of the oldest in North America but also one of the smallest;
  9. Shenzen Stock Exchange: This exchange in Western China is much smaller than its Easter Counterparts with a market cap of $2.28 trillion;
  10. Frankfurt Stock Exchange: The oldest of the large stock exchanges, the German exchange is 431 years old with a market cap of $1.77 trillion.

  11. The remaining 20 exchanges are listed with their market caps below:
  12. Bombay Stock Exchange: $1.68 trillion
  13. National Stock Exchange: $1.64 trillion
  14. SIX Swiss Exchange: $1.51 trillion
  15. Australian Securities Exchange: $1.27 trillion
  16. Korea Exchange: $1.25 trillion
  17. Nasdaq Nordic: $1.21
  18. JSE Limited: $951 billion
  19. Madrid Stock Exchange: $942 billion
  20. Taiwan Stock Exchange: $861 billion
  21. B. M. & F. Bovespa: $824 billion
  22. Johannesburg Stock Exchange: $750 billion
  23. Italian Stock Exchange: $653 billion
  24. Singapore Stock Exchange: $639 billion
  25. Moscow Stock Exchange: $447 billion
  26. Saudi Stock Exchange: $442 billion
  27. Mexican Stock Exchange: $426 billion
  28. Malaysian Exchange: $380 billion
  29. Stock Exchange of Thailand: $368 billion
  30. Indonesia Stock Exchange: $347 billion
  31. Philippine Stock Exchange: $238 billion