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If you own stocks, you can borrow against them. You will find that traditional lenders are unable to use securities as collateral against a loan or have other restrictions. STOCK-LOAN.LOAN is not a traditional lender. We are financial brokers and we represent many lenders who specialize in securities lending. If you own a publicly traded stock, even on a foreign exchange, more than likely you will be able to borrow against it. Financing is quick and simple.

If you decide on taking out a non-recourse stock loan through STOCK-LOAN.LOAN, you will never be required to transfer control over the securities nor sell them prior to funding your loan. You retain ownership of the securities in a custodian account that is accompanied by a simple lender lien executed by you, the borrower. With this arrangement, the lender’s interest is insured for the term of the loan and you will be able to obtain your needed capital at a reasonable interest rate.

As the intermediary between you and the lender, a specialty bank or brokerage account serves as the custodian of your securities during the loan term. This account is located at an institution in your country of residence allowing for all dividends to be paid to you. You will also retain stock voting rights. You are ahead if your stock appreciates for more than the cost of the loan, thus allowing you to put the stock to work for you. Typically, loans are tax free, but we advise you to seek professional tax advise.

A non-recourse stock loan with STOCK-LOAN.LOAN will give you peace of mind as you will have zero personal liability, even if you default on the loan. With the collateral being only your securities, and with our competitive terms, a low interest stock loan with us is your best option. Find out why trillions of dollars are lent out each year against securities.

Terms of a Typical Stock Loan:

      •       Annual interest rate of only 3%-6%
      •       Loan to Value (LTV) up to 80% of value of stock
      •       All publicly traded companies in the world are eligible
      •       Minimum loan amount of $100K, no maximum
      •       Non-recourse loans mean no corporate or personal guarantee required
      •       Loan term is min. 12 months, max. 5 years and can be extended
      •       Simple interest is paid quarterly
      •       Fast closing, typically 10 days
      •       Tax free stock loans

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No Title Transfer Securities Loan

All Stock Foreign Exchanges

Non Recourse

No Upfront Fees

No No Income Required

No Employment Required

Up to 70% LTV

USD 100,000 Minimum

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Year Terms

Prepay Available

Low Fixed Interest Paid Quarterly